Hope Squad

Hope Squad is a school-based peer support program that empowers students to take action to prevent suicide through a partnership with their local mental health agency. Nominated by classmates as trustworthy peers, Hope Squad members serve as the eyes and ears of the school and report to adults any student who seems to be struggling or at-risk for suicide. Advisors train Hope Squad members on how to identify at-risk students, provide friendship, and seek help from an adult.

The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation has the honor and privilege of bringing Hope Squad to Texas, right here in Tarrant County. This ground-breaking program is changing the culture of help-seeking within our schools.

To learn more visit www.hopesquad.com and www.jordanharrisfoundation.org

Meet Marshall

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
“Are you depressed?”
“Are you feeling that there is no way out?”
“Are you thinking about ending your life?”