Inside His Locked Box:
The Marshall Racing Project 33 Story

In her second book Inside His locked Box: The Marshall Racing Project 33, Susan E Foster gives voice to her late son, John Marshall Foster, who committed suicide following a miraculous recovery from a harrowing motorcycle accident. It was not the accident that led him to end his life. It goes much deeper. Marshall was battling thoughts of suicide long before the crash.

Now through a series of revealing conversations, text messages and essays written by her son, Susan shares an in-depth and profound look inside his life. From his own written words, readers will learn what triggered Marshall’s journey while also highlighting what his mother and siblings endured during a very difficult and tumultuous time in their lives.

What followed piloted the launch of The Marshall Racing Project 33 (MRP33), a special event created in Marshall’s honor benefitting Mental Health Awareness. The special event involved the surprise unveiling of Marshall’s wrecked motorcycle completely refurbished by the founder of Marshall Racing Project 33, Ever Gomez, who played an important role in Marshall’s life. Painted in Marshall’s favorite color green and numbered 33 for Marshall’s birthday (March 3rd), Ever continues to race Marshall’s bike delivering the important message that when you feel most hopeless, you are positioned for your coming breakthrough, there is always a reason for hope and life matters. Your life matters.

*A portion of sale net proceeds go to: The Marshall Racing Project 33 (MRP33) benefiting Mental Health Awareness 

Susan E Foster is a mother, author, speaker, coach and advocate hoping to equip men and women to recognize the abusive Charming Impossibles in their lives. By sharing her personal story of survival and faith, in her first two books, Charming Impossibles: How Ordinary Angels Help Free the Hopelessly stuck and Inside His locked Box: The Marshall Racing Project 33 Story, Susan reveals how the web of confusion is spun around abuse, and works to inspire healthy change for men, women, and children to help them overcome and heal. For more information:

A graduate of The University of Texas School of Journalism, Susan writes compelling narratives of hope from extraordinary deeds of ordinary people hoping readers discover the Ordinary Angels in their own lives. Susan E Foster resides in Fort Worth, TX.