Marshall’s Story

MEET EVER GOMEZ, RN and Trauma 1 Unit Nurse

The Marshall Racing Project 33 (MRP33) is a movement born from a 21-year-old young man named Marshall Foster who committed suicide following a miraculous recovery from a harrowing motor cycle accident. It is an extraordinary story involving John Peter Smith Hospital Trauma 1 Unit in Fort Worth, Texas, and Trauma 1 Unit Nurse, Ever Gomez, who forged an unconventional friendship with Marshall when they discovered a shared passion for speed and motorcycle racing.

During Marshall’s extensive recovery period, Ever would visit him often. He offered to help Marshall sell or repair his crushed motorcycle while also inspiring hope in a young man who was suffering from a broken soul with broken aspirations for the future. Their friendship continued to flourish when Marshall was finally discharged from the hospital. Together they would work on their motorcycles and talk about life. What Ever did not know, was that Marshall was battling thoughts of suicide, and had been long before the motorcycle crash.

Less than a year later, Marshall took his own life on October 12, 2017. Several months later, Marshall’s mother, Susan E Foster, was scrolling through his text messages and came across the conversations between Marshall and Ever. She immediately contacted Ever to offer him the wreckage of Marshall’s motorcycle for parts, and he accepted.

What followed was the launch of The Marshall Racing Project (MRP33), a special event arranged by Ever on behalf of Mental Health Awareness and to surprise Marshall’s family and friends with the unveiling of his completely refurbished bike painted in his favorite color green

with the number 33 featured on it which is Marshall’s birthday (March 3). Thereafter, Ever races the bike in Marshall’s honor for Mental Health and Fitness Awareness.

MRP33 has teamed up with The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation  and John Peter Smith Hospital Foundation to help bring continued  awareness to HOPE SQUAD, a peer to peer training program for elementary, junior high, and high school students for suicide prevention, Mental Health and Fitness Research and other systems of suicide prevention. Ever Gomez, RN and Trauma 1 Unit Nurse, is an Ordinary Angel who launched the MRP33 movement offering a message of hope to others, because your life matters.

Meet Marshall

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